What Mardy Fish Wants To Do At 50

  • Posted: Jul 26, 2018

What Mardy Fish Wants To Do At 50

ATPWorldTour.com speaks to the stars about their favourite hobbies, idols and more

Mardy Fish had a tremendous career, capturing six ATP World Tour titles and winning an impressive 302 tour-level matches before retiring in 2015. He also triumphed at the BB&T Atlanta Open seven years ago this week. Earlier this year, Fish competed on the ATP Champions Tour.

But did you know that Fish excelled at more than tennis? The right-hander played basketball with Andy Roddick when they were in preparatory school in Florida, and he also grew up playing golf. ATPWorldTour.com caught up with Fish to find out more about the 36-year-old on and off the court — you may be surprised to find out what the American wants to do when he turns 50 years old!

What’s your biggest sports passion and why?
I guess I’d have to say golf. But I don’t play nearly as much as I’d like to with two kids at home. I played tennis and golf growing up when I was younger, so I guess I’d have to say golf by default.

What’s the last book you read?
Mara Sharapova’s autobiography. I have a signed copy!

If you could have dinner with three people outside of your family, who would they be?
Let’s go with Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. Sports are my life, so it’s probably going to be someone in sports. Maybe Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, someone like that, so I’d have a little golf, too.

What was the last concert or show you attended?
A Jake Owen concert.

What’s your favourite sport outside of tennis to watch and why?
I like football, I’m a huge Vikings fan, I’m from Minnesota. I really like the NBA, I like professional sports. I would much prefer to watch the best play instead of college basketball or college football. I like watching the best. I don’t want to watch college baseball. I’d rather watch Major League Baseball. I watch a lot of baseball as well, I’m a huge Twins fan… golf, too. I watch it all. Sports are my life.

What’s your favourite moment from your career?
There are a few that come to mind. Davis Cups were always a blast to play. The Olympics was really fun to be a part of. Those are the ones that stick out.

Your tennis career was a success because…
Your support system. I was good when I was younger and sort of took things for granted. Got married halfway through my career in 2008 and took on a new lease on life. It wasn’t about just me anymore. My parents have been a huge inspiration, part of my career. My father is a teaching pro, teaches tennis. So it’s in our family, it’s in our blood and I had a great support system.

In the future, you want to…
How about play on the Senior PGA Tour at 50?

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