TopCourt: Verdasco On Finding His Groundstroke Groove

  • Posted: Jul 29, 2022

TopCourt: Verdasco On Finding His Groundstroke Groove

TopCourt ambassador emphasises importance of combining variety with power

When it comes to the ability to produce his best consistently over a long career on the ATP Tour, there aren’t many who have matched Fernando Verdasco.

The former World No. 7 and seven-time ATP Tour titlist has recorded 558 tour-level match wins across 19 seasons, but such success did not come easy for the Spaniard. Verdasco’s relentlessness on the training court was crucial to honing his game early in his career, and he went on to develop one of the most feared weapons in modern tennis ⁠— his high-powered lefty forehand.

Now having joined TopCourt, Verdasco channels all his experience to show fans how they can develop their game with dedication and commitment to some key drills, some of which the Spaniard has been practising since he was just a kid in Madrid with a dream of becoming a pro. He also discusses how he handled one of the most disappointing losses of his career ⁠— his five-hour, 10-minute five-set defeat to Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of the 2009 Australian Open ⁠— to ensure it shaped his career for the better.

Technique: Stand-out serving has underpinned Verdasco’s success. The lefty reveals the key technical requirements for his booming serve out wide, explaining how to iron out common technical issues to ensure your delivery is accurate, precise, and consistent.

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Drills: In his drills “Cross Line Drops” and “Rhythm Drops”, Verdasco demonstrates how to build up rhythm on your groundstrokes. The drills are not only designed to boost the power of your shots, but also aim to develop variety by stressing the importance of mixing up the speed, spin, and height of each ball.

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