'The Last Time' With Nick Kyrgios

  • Posted: Jul 25, 2018

‘The Last Time’ With Nick Kyrgios

Aussie remembers ‘The Last Time’ he strung a racquet – a long time ago – and the last time he shared a hotel room with another player – very recently

Nick Kyrgios doesn’t have to think too far back to remember “The Last Time” he played well at the BB&T Atlanta Open. The Aussie beat home favourite and four-time Atlanta titlist John Isner to win the 2016 title.

Kyrgios, after missing the tournament last year because of injury, is back at Atlantic Station to go for his second title of the season (Brisbane) and fifth overall. The Aussie spoke with ATPWorldTour.com about “The Last Time”…

I missed a flight?
I was with my agent, John Morris, and we were sitting at the gate. We were just watching Facebook videos… It was boarding, we were watching [videos], and we completely missed the flight. But I can’t remember where it was or where we were flying from. I’m pretty organised like that. I don’t miss too many flights.

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I lost something important?
Every day I lose my wallet, I don’t know where I place it. I’m pretty forgetful like that… I always find it, though.

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I strung a tennis racquet?
Never. I’ve never strung a racquet in my life… I have tried. Terrible… Not good. It took me hours… Three, four hours. I just stopped. I’ve never strung a racquet again.

Did you finish it?
No… That was 10 years ago.

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I cooked for myself and others?
I don’t cook that often. I’m a decent cook, I guess. I know how to make like eggs and stuff. Not for a while, though. I can’t even remember.

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I met a childhood idol?
I didn’t really have an idol, but I looked up to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga when I was a kid. I played him at the Australian Open recently.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
Pretty recently. I share with my doubles partner Matt Reid pretty much all the time… We’re good friends, he’s a good companion, he’s pretty good to room with, he’s easy. He snores a little bit from time to time, but that’s it.

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