The Food Thiem Says Is 'Almost Magic'

  • Posted: Oct 31, 2023

The Food Thiem Says Is ‘Almost Magic’

Austrian joins ATP Uncovered’s What I Eat series

Dominic Thiem views food as more than just a meal, the Austrian explained in the latest edition of ATP Uncovered’s What I Eat series.

“Food is obviously something very important. It’s like which fuel you put in the car,” Thiem said. “It’s the same with the food and your body. It’s so important. It gets you going or it can also slow you down.”

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When the former World No. 3 was younger, he “didn’t care so much” about what he ate. But his mindset regarding nutrition has changed.

“The past five to 10 years, I got more and more aware of it,” Thiem said. “And now I try to eat healthy, to eat conscious and to have a good relationship with food.”

In the feature, Thiem discussed what he likes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as how things change before and after matches. The 30-year-old says one food in particular is “almost magic”.

Wonder which? Find out by watching the full ATP Uncovered feature below.

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