Quiz: Roger Federer’s Historic Career

  • Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Quiz: Roger Federer’s Historic Career

How much do you know about Federer’s professional tennis career?

As Roger Federer steps into retirement at the Laver Cup following 25 years on the ATP Tour, it’s time to prove how much you know about his legendary tennis career.

He faced his two biggest rivals, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, a total of 90 times – whom did he play more? Of his 20 Grand Slam titles, how many did Federer win at Wimbledon? Did the Swiss ever face his idol, Pete Sampras, before the American finished his Hall of Fame career with triumph at the 2002 US Open?

Take the Federer quiz, share your results and challenge your tennis friends to see who does best!

Federer climbed to the top of the sport for the first time aged 22, reaching World No. 1 on 2 February 2004. He earned 1,251 tour-level wins and 103 titles during his illustrious career. 

“You always want to play forever. I love being out on court, I love playing against the guys and I love travelling. I never really felt like it was that hard for me to do, of winning, learn from losing, it was all perfect,” Federer said ahead of the Laver Cup. “I love my career from every angle. That’s the bitter part [of retiring]. The sweet part was that I know everybody has to do it at one point. Everybody has to leave the game. It’s been a great, great journey. For that, I’m really grateful.”


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