Pospisil Shares How He's Helping Flatten The Curve

  • Posted: Mar 20, 2020

Pospisil Shares How He’s Helping Flatten The Curve

Canadian gives fans an update from his home

If you asked Vasek Pospsil at the start of the month about what he expected to be doing last weekend, driving 1,400 miles probably wasn’t on his mind.

But the Canadian did just that as he made a long-haul trip from Indian Wells to Vancouver. Pospisil has been laying low since then by practising social distancing and picking up new hobbies.

”I’ve been doing a self-quarantine. I haven’t been going out. I’ve got two weeks of groceries and have been learning how to cook, working out indoors,” Pospisil said in a video posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday. “I think it’s very important that we’re all responsible, stop the spread of this virus and flatten the curve.

”Social distancing, self-quarantine, do whatever you can to help the community… We have to work together and get through this together.”

Pospisil made the trip to Vancouver in order to spend time with his family. After continuing to gather information on COVID-19 and learning how seniors are at a higher risk for picking up the virus, he made the difficult decision that their interaction would remain virtual for now.

”For that reason, I won’t be seeing my parents. I came here to be close to them, but I won’t be making any contact with my family until this all passes,” Pospisil said. “It’s not worth the risk at this stage.”

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