Nadal Sends Birthday Message To 90-Year-Old Fan

  • Posted: Oct 22, 2021

Spaniard Rafael Nadal made one fan’s birthday unforgettable this week when he sent a video message to congratulate the 90-year-old.

The World No. 5, who is currently out for the rest of the season due to a foot injury, recorded a video message, which moved the grandfather to tears.

Earlier in October, the granddaughter of one of Nadal’s biggest supporters reached out to the 35-year-old on Twitter asking for a birthday message, writing: “Hi @RafaelNadal! The person you see in the video is my grandpa “O Parrallo”, who will turn 90 on October 20th. He admires you! The best present life can give him is that you wish him a happy birthday in a video message. Thanks a lot!”

She then shared a touching update on Wednesday, revealing the video the 20-time major champion had sent.

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