Lleyton Hewitt Believes Bernard Tomic ‘Will Still Make Statements’

Lleyton Hewitt Believes Bernard Tomic ‘Will Still Make Statements’

  • Posted: Dec 02, 2014

bernard tomic3  Lleyton Hewitt Believes Bernard Tomic ‘Will Still Make Statements’


Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt is not concerned about Bernard Tomic’s professional future, as he believes the youngster is still a considerable prospect on the ATP World Tour.

Hewitt told the Melbourne Age that Tomic is a “unique player,” a “unique person” and knew he would “bounce back at some stage.”

“I’d probably say that I’m one of the closest guys that he goes to now, which is good. We practise a lot together and the next couple of years I’d like to help him out, while I’m still out there and playing. But I think once his hips and body get fully to 100 percent again, he’s still gonna cause a lot of guys trouble. Bernie will still make statements.”

Tomic had come under harsh criticism in the past for not being a hard enough worker and lacking motivation to rise in the rankings. He recently took on Xavier Malisse as his coach and has been working with him ever since.

While he does not see his training first hand, Hewitt believes it is certainly an area that Tomic can improve in.

“It’s hard to say, because I don’t see him on the practice court, I don’t see what he does in the gym, and he hasn’t been at the last two Davis Cup ties for me to see him close-up, either, but that’s one area that he can definitely get better.”

Currently ranked at world No. 56, Tomic took part in a turbulent season in 2014. After finishing runner-up in Syndey, Tomic underwent double hip surgery and didn’t return to the tour for several months. Following a rough start to his comeback, the Australian won his second title on the tour when he was ranked at No. 124.