Jamie Murray's 'Funky, But Extremely Effective' Forehand Volley

  • Posted: Sep 01, 2020

Jamie Murray’s ‘Funky, But Extremely Effective’ Forehand Volley

The Ultimate Doubles Player: Forehand Volley

Jamie Murray’s net game appears simple on the surface. But the former World No. 1 has certainly done well with it, and his peers believe he has the best forehand volley in tennis.

“[It’s] a bit funky-looking, but extremely effective,” former World No. 3 Robert Lindstedt said. “I feel like he’s always in front. He has a lot of options with it.”

Murray is a traditional serve and volleyer. According to some of the best doubles players in the world, when the lefty makes his way up to net, he is difficult to beat.

“On the first volley he’s really solid and he’s also got that almost topspin drive volley when he’s crossing, which is really effective,” said Joe Salisbury, who won the Australian Open this year with Rajeev Ram. “It’s just the most solid and the best winning shot, as well.”

Forehand volleys must be well-rounded, as there are many variations to the shot: a low transition volley near the service line, a putaway poach and a reflex volley among them. Players agree that Murray’s forehand volley is complete, leaving little doubt that he tops this category in ATPTour.com’s ‘Ultimate Doubles Player’ series. 

Doubles stars weigh in on Murray’s forehand volley as well as on others who do well with the stroke.

Jamie Murray
“Jamie for me is one of the best volleyers of our time. When he’s at the net, he’s always quite dangerous. He’s not missing much and he’s always putting the ball in the right spot.” – Filip Polasek

“I’ve played him many times in my career. He usually plays the deuce side and he’s quite effective from anywhere in the court — when he’s at the net, far away from the net, close to the net — really snapping off the forehand volley. He can win the point from positions that most people can’t. His first volley is also really good on that side.” – Rajeev Ram

“He’s a lefty, so they’re able to play a little bit differently with strategic positioning on court. But the thing that stands out the most is his range. He’s able to play good close to his body, away from his body, high and low, generates force and has great feel on that wing and when you’re playing him you certainly feel that any time he gets a good look at that ball he can turn the point in his favour. He actually is able to generate a lot of force at reach, so when you’re trying to get the ball around him, you have to be quite accurate because he punishes you severely off that wing.” – Raven Klaasen 

Nicolas Mahut
“Very accomplished at the net on both sides. Once he’s up there, he doesn’t miss much. He’s very clinical as well with a lot of stick on his volley. He’s not just there to put the ball back in play. Very few mistakes. You would expect that from a guy who has been a top singles player and the style he played with a lot of serve and volley, a lot of forehands coming forward. He’s a very accomplished net player.” – Jamie Murray

“He’s someone who has been on the doubles Tour and at the top of the game for a long time. I’ve found when I’ve played against him his forehand volley is very reliable. He’s just an astute doubles player… very crafty guy.” – Ken Skupski

Rajeev Ram
“Played singles for quite a few years and then moved onto the doubles tour… his first volleys are very good, especially on the forehand side. He gets very low, very similar to Pete Sampras. Some people say he’s ‘Rampras’.” -Neal Skupski

Marcelo Melo
“It looks like he’s always in position no matter where you get him. He somehow makes his first volley.” – Jurgen Melzer

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