Becker memorabilia auction raises over £600,000

  • Posted: Jul 11, 2019

An auction of trophies and memorabilia from former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker’s career has raised in excess of £680,000.

The highest bid of £150,250 was recorded for the US Open replica trophy Becker won against Ivan Lendl in 1989.

Also included amongst the 82 items was a replica of the Davis Cup which was sold for £52,100.

Becker, 51, now a coach and TV pundit, was declared bankrupt by a London bankruptcy court in June 2017.

The auction was organised to pay his debts and also included watches, signed memorabilia and some of the playing clothes from his career.

In January 2018, the German issued an appeal to help find five Grand Slam trophies he said had been misplaced, along with an Olympic gold medal won for the doubles in 1992.

The auction began in June last year but was put on hold when Becker claimed diplomatic immunity against an attempt to sue him, insisting his appointment as a diplomat by the Central African Republic (CAR) gave him protection from any legal claims.

Becker dropped the claim in December.

Smith and Williamson’s Mark Ford, lead trustee to Becker’s bankruptcy estate, said: “The highest bid in 2018 for the US Open Trophy was £36,000 and this year it is £150,250, which is fantastic.

“We still hope to locate and recover the missing trophies including six relating to Mr Becker’s successes at Wimbledon and his two Australian Open titles. If anyone has any information relating to these, please contact the trustees in bankruptcy.”

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