ATP Announces Rule Changes To Speed Play

  • Posted: Nov 23, 2021

ATP has announced new rules relating to toilet breaks, attire changes to come into effect from 2022, in addition to a proposed change to the Medical Time Out rule (start date TBC).

Toilet Break & Change of Attire (Effective 2022)

  • Players can take a maximum of three minutes once they have entered the toilet
  • Players will receive two minutes for a change of attire in addition to the three-minute toilet break
  • Note: Change of attire may only be done in conjunction with a toilet break (unless authorised by the Chair Umpire)
  • A player may only take one toilet break per match
  • Toilet breaks can only be taken during a set break
  • Time violations will apply if a player is not ready within the allowed time

Medical Time Out (Effective Date TBD)

  • One three-minute time out per match to be taken during a changeover or a set break only.
  • If the player cannot continue to the next change of ends, he will forfeit the points required to get to that change of ends/set break

Further updates will be provided in due course.

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