ATP 50: Vote For Your Favourite Moments

  • Posted: Aug 12, 2022

ATP 50: Vote For Your Favourite Moments

Vote daily for your favourite final, hot shot, rivalry & comeback from 50 years of the ATP

Tennis fans, we need your help in selecting which #ATP50 Game Changing moments to feature in our August issue of the ATP Tour Insider newsletter!

Which is your favourite rivalry from the past 50 years of the ATP? Will it be the modern matchups between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, or perhaps John McEnroe against Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg or Ivan Lendl, or Andre Agassi vs Pete Sampras?

Which hot shot wowed you the most? Who has your vote for most courageous comeback? From the 1972 World Championships Tennis Finals clash between Ken Rosewall and Rod Laver, to Andy Murray’s phenomenal performance at the 2016 season finale to clinch World No. 1, which final had you on the edge of your seat? 

Check out our immersive ATP 50 features – you’ll especially want to see all the hot shots in full – before making your picks. Each category has 10 choices, and we want you to select your top three.

* 10 Memorable Title Matches In ATP History
* There Will Always Be Hot Shots
* 10 Defining Rivalries In ATP History
* 10 Courageous Comebacks

You can cast your votes once a day between now and August 22nd, so make sure to bookmark this page and return daily to support your favourite #ATP50 moments. Make sure you’re also subscribed to the ATP Tour Insider to find out the results!


Founded as a players’ association at the 1972 US Open, ATP has since undergone a journey of evolution over the course of its rich 50-year history. Today boasting hundreds of millions of fans, a global Tour across more than 30 countries each season and iconic superstar athletes, the ATP Tour has grown into one of the world’s pre-eminent sports entertainment platforms.

To mark this major milestone, ATP’s ‘Game Changing’ campaign celebrates 50 years of iconic moments, influential figures and changing styles that shaped the game known and loved by fans around the world.

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