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Wawrinka's Big Night, Fognini's Rivalry: Tennis At Home Roundup

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Wawrinka’s Big Night, Fognini’s Rivalry: Tennis At Home Roundup looks at what your favourite players have been up to

Your favourite players are all back at home, but they’re finding plenty of ways to stay active. From Stan Wawrinka’s clones to Fabio Fognini’s backyard point, find out how the biggest names in tennis are keeping busy.

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Fognini found a creative net to take on his wife and former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta.

Wawrinka never has a moment alone at home. 

Jannik Sinner made a generous donation for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Stefanos Tsitsipas found a unique way to get fans involved on his social media.

Diego Schwartzman is enjoying plenty of bonding time with his dog.

James Duckworth got his sister to contribute vocals in this epic video.

Casper Ruud served up impressions of several ATP Tour legends.

Roberto Bautista Agut has no days off when it comes to working on fitness.

Leonardo Mayer is getting creative for weight training.

Santiago Gonzalez’s boundless energy appears to be wearing his family down.

Tennis At Home | How ATP Players Make The Most Of Stay At Home

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Shapovalov: 'Let’s Get Through It Together'

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Shapovalov: ‘Let’s Get Through It Together’

Canadian praises work of those on the front lines

Denis Shapovalov sent his fans an encouraging message on Tuesday to help them maintain positivity during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, promoting the importance of unity.

“Just wanted to reach out to the fans. I know it’s a tough time. A lot of people [are] stuck inside their homes. I hope everyone is social distancing, staying inside,” Shapovalov said. “I know it’s tough for everyone, but let’s get through it together.”

Tennis At Home | How ATP Players Make The Most Of Stay At Home

The 20-year-old Canadian spent time to thank those on the front lines battling against virus.

“I just want to thank all the first responders, all the people: firefighters, policemen, people working at the hospitals, doctors, everyone just putting their lives at risk every day trying to take care of this and manage it as much as possible,” Shapovalov said. “It is heroes like this who truly inspire me and I’m sure a lot more people. Thank you to them.”

Shapovalov admitted he hasn’t been posting much on social media, with his most recent post coming on 29 March. But the lefty promised fans they will hear from him sooner rather than later.

“Honestly I’ve been locked down, just doing my own thing, working on some stuff for myself,” Shapovalov said. “I promise to be posting some more content shortly.”

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Venus & Grigor's Group Workout On Instagram Live

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Venus & Grigor’s Group Workout On Instagram Live

Learn how Williams put Dimitrov on the spot before their workout

Fans got a special Instagram Live surprise on Tuesday, as 2017 Nitto ATP Finals champion Grigor Dimitrov and former WTA World No. 1 Venus Williams joined forces for a special workout session.

Dimitrov and Williams did a variety of exercises, from skipping rope to footwork drills. Before they got started, Williams put on her reporter hat and asked the Bulgarian some questions about how he’s holding up.

“Life on the west coast is pretty good,” said Dimitrov, who is in California. “Making the most that we can out of the situation. Enjoying the early mornings and a little bit of workouts as well.”

Tennis At Home | How ATP Players Make The Most Of Stay At Home

Dimitrov admitted that he misses playing tennis while staying at home.

“[I miss it] a lot. I know it’s not easy. It’s been quite a few days that you’ve been away from the court. You just want to step on [to a court] and try some things that you have worked on. But at the end of the day you’ve got to make the most out of it and try to focus on all the positivity,” Dimitrov said. “We’re all in this together and I think it’s just going to make us stronger and look at things a little bit different. I think it puts everything in perspective from now on.”

The World No. 19 has been keeping busy to try to keep himself in shape for when the ATP Tour is able to get rolling again.

“I’ve been doing a lot of runs lately, to be honest, every time we go out. Doing a lot of shoulder prevention exercises. Working on little specific drills that I like to keep my feet activated. Just small details that we often neglect, especially when we’re competing throughout all the weeks,” Dimitrov said. “Now is the time that you can really emphasise on those things. We have a few exercises to show the fans. I’m sure we’re going to do something nice.”

Watch over 165 classic ATP Tour matches from the 90s

Right before their workout began, Williams put Dimitrov on the spot.

“When are we playing mixed doubles?” she asked.

“Oh great, thanks,” he replied, cracking a laugh. “We should definitely do that. I’d be happy and excited to do this for sure. I’ve played I think a couple of times and for some reason I have a hard time hitting against the girl.”

Williams made a face that caught Dimitrov’s attention.

“We’re not going to play if you’re not going to play full out,” Venus said as they both laughed.

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Food Court: Chopping Up Nutrition With Milos Raonic

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Food Court: Chopping Up Nutrition With Milos Raonic

Raonic dishes on nutrition, food he wishes he could eat, and more

Milos Raonic has long paid close attention to his nutrition, first bringing a nutritionist onto his team in 2013. The former World No. 3 says the personnel has changed, but he has always had guidance in that department since, and it has proven a key part of his career. caught up with the Canadian to discuss nutrition, the food that has become a major part of his diet, the dessert he wishes he could eat and more.

Tennis At Home | How ATP Players Make The Most Of Stay At Home


What made you add a nutritionist to your team in 2013? Some players pay careful attention to that, others not as closely, so was there any specific reason?
Every single step [of my career] I’ve always asked myself, ‘What can I do better?’ I reached that point in 2013 when just before the season, that’s where I thought I could make the most impact. I asked the people I was working with, my team, they felt that’s something I could give attention to and I could reap benefits from.

How much has your diet and what you’ve avoided changed between where you started and now?
It’s probably changed every two to three years because every time I change it, I use that to solve certain issues. When I started it was, ‘How can I clean stuff up? How can I be more efficient?’ Then over the past few years when I’ve had a lot of injuries, it’s been, ‘What have I been lacking or what might I be missing or what do I need to do better to stay healthy?’

I think each time it’s been conformed to a specific issue that I’m trying to solve or I’m trying to fix or improve. I think that’s where it’s sort of stepped from the approach we take to the solution we are looking for.

Do you have a list of ‘no-no’s’ where you go into a restaurant and you know you can’t touch it?
Skipping desserts. I don’t eat red meat that often. Maybe once or twice every two weeks, and now a big part of it has been regimenting the times I eat. That is how quickly I’m eating after a match, and those kind of things. That’s what has changed a lot over the past period of time. It’s a lot more structured and so forth.

I’ve struggled with a lot of different types of injuries, different issues with my back, a couple muscle tears over the past few years. It was about how can we fuel you and how can we give you the right kind of food that you need to keep your tissues and your body healthy and also functioning properly. [It’s about] functioning efficiently to try to find a way to minimise those problems coming up.

Is there a food that you thought was gross or just didn’t eat that now you’re eating because of those things?
When I started on Tour I wasn’t a big fan of fish, probably back in 2010 or 2011. That’s something that I probably eat more than anything of. It’s something I go to quite often to have the source of protein throughout my day, pretty much almost daily. That’s one that’s changed quite a bit.

There are different kinds of veggies and things that I’ve added, but I’d say fish was the one, because it is such a big part of what I consume nowadays. It’s probably the most significant change.

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You mentioned how something you’ve adapted is how quickly after a match you eat, so what is that process like for you?
I think you try to get something in you right away within the first 45 minutes to an hour after a match. Before, sometimes I would stretch after a match, do my cooldown, do press and all those things. Now I’ll do my cooldown because that’s a priority right after, but then I’ll eat before I do press and all the other things that fall after it. It’s just been a shift in priorities in that sense.

When I do press doesn’t really change anybody’s life, but it will make a difference for me the next day or the accumulation of match after match, and it’ll start to make a difference in how soon I’m consuming something to start replenishing my body after the load of playing a match.

I know there are no desserts, but is there one you wish you could have?
I have it every once in a while, but much more rarely: tiramisu. It’s by far my favourite dessert.

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Resurfaced | Amazing Andujar: No. 1,824 To Titlist In Two Months

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Resurfaced | Amazing Andujar: No. 1,824 To Titlist In Two Months

Spaniard wins fourth tour-level title

Editor’s Note: is resurfacing features to bring fans closer to their favourite players during the current suspension in tournament play. This story was originally published on 15 April 2018.

Pablo Andujar became the lowest-ranked ATP World Tour champion in 20 years on Sunday, beating first-time finalist Kyle Edmund 6-2, 6-2 to win the Grand Prix Hassan II for a record third time.

The Spaniard, who also won the event in 2011 and 2012 in Casablanca, overcame the Australian Open semi-finalist in 82 minutes to become the most successful player in the history of the tournament, which began in 1990.

“I played very well during the whole match,” said Andujar. “Trying to make him move as much as I could. He attacks a lot and is a very strong player. I was very solid today and I’m very happy about that.”

The World No. 355 is the lowest-ranked tour-level titlist since Lleyton Hewitt, who lifted his maiden title in Adelaide at World No. 550 in 1998. Andujar has now won three of his four ATP World Tour titles in Morocco with his other victory coming in Gstaad four years ago.

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The 32-year-old raced out to a 5-1 lead, breaking Edmund in each of his opening three service games to establish control of the match, before taking a one-set advantage in the eighth game after saving two break points. Edmund had been broken just three times this week heading into the championship match.

The Spaniard continued to find success against the 23-year-old’s serve in the second set, winning 67 per cent of points while returning off the Edmund first serve. Andujar was once again clinical, breaking on all three break-point opportunities created before once again navigating his way through a tough eighth service game to clinch the title in Marrakech.

Ranked as low as World No. 1,824 on 12 February after three elbow surgeries had threatened his career, Andujar now finds himself on a ten-match winning streak after becoming the first man since Ryan Harrison in 2017 to win ATP Challenger Tour and ATP World Tour titles in consecutive weeks.

“I always believed that I could come back, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried,” reflected Andujar.

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World No. 26 Edmund was bidding to win his first ATP World Tour title in his maiden championship match at tour-level. With victory, he would also have become just the seventh player from Great Britain, in the history of the ATP Rankings, to reach the Top 20.

“For me it was a good tournament… it was great experience for me,” said Edmund. “It’s been a good year so far, it’s not the result I wanted, but nevertheless a good week for me.”

Andujar will receive 250 ATP Ranking points and €85,000 in prize money for clinching the crown. Edmund earns 150 ATP Rankings points and €44,770.

Did You Know?
Pablo Andujar is the third player to win ATP Challenger Tour and ATP World Tour titles in consecutive weeks in the past five years. In 2014, David Goffin won in Tampere, Finland and Kitzbuhel, and last year Ryan Harrison won in Dallas and Memphis.

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Roger Federer's Volleying At Home Challenge

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2020

Roger Federer’s Volleying At Home Challenge

Federer challenges fans and celebrities before giving them his feedback

Good morning, class. Volleying At Home 101 is in session with Professor Federer.

Roger Federer took to social media on Tuesday to challenge his fans to a volley challenge. The 38-year-old Swiss has been exploring new ways to embrace #tennisathome, and he found a fun method at the wall where he’d previously put on a trick-shot show on ice.

Federer stood just inches from the wall and hit rapid fire forehand volleys. The 103-time tour-level champion was already hitting volleys when the video began, and he was still doing so when the video ended. The shots were too quick to count, but he hit about 200 consecutive volleys in one minute without moving his feet.

Tennis At Home | How ATP Players Make The Most Of Stay At Home

Fans will take notice that Federer was sporting a Panama hat, not the bandana people are used to seeing from him over the past two decades. “Choose your hat wisely,” Federer wrote.

The challenge was not only for fans, but for celebrities, too. Federer tagged the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Alexander Zverev, Coco Gauff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady, Bill Gates and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in his post.

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